• IsfahanVila Residential Complex


    IsfahanVila Residential Complex

    1. Function:

      Residential, Retail

    2. Floor Area:

       16,000 square-meters

    3. Year:


    4. Location:


    5. Client:

      Housing Cooperative of Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company Employees

    6. Status:

       Concept Designed, First Stage Designed, Second Stage Designed, Completed

     Built in a 16,000 square meter lot, the project site characterizes adjacency to a northern street, a 36-meter-wide street on west, and a southern river route with pleasant view to urban green spaces. The form development was affected by considering the fluid movement of river, placing emphasis on the intersection of the street on west and the southern route, and adaptation with urban fabric. Using colors that were warm and compatible with traditional culture was considered in façade design. Other key design considerations include emphasis on image ability and way finding, day lighting and shading, privacy of occupants, etc. The design has resulted in a building with clearly different quality than its neighbors and it is hoped that it would turn into a lasting reference building in its neighborhood’s fabric.

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